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A Word from the Lord About Our Permissive Society

March 24th, 2014

One of my mother's ministry friends wrote this after a prayer meeting at her church. This is a word in due season:

I sat down to type up the notes from yesterday’s prayer meeting and the power of the Lord came upon me to write this first. As I began to write about praying for the youth and the Lord said to me, “Before you pray for the youth, you have to pray for the parents. Until they get it together, the youth will continue to fail.” As I listened, He had some very harsh words for the situation that we as parents have created. He said that we have turned our backs, and looked away from God’s spiritual laws, according to His Word. We have become a permissive society, an “if it feels good do it” generation, one with no consequences for their behavior. He said its time for “righteous indignation” to rise up in the land. We as parents must sanctify ourselves daily, and walk by the spiritual laws of God — NO COMPROMISE! He is making a demand on true Christians to live the Word, eat the Word, and stand strong by the word. Until we establish that precedent, our nation will continue to accept the unacceptable, tolerate the intolerable, allowing ourselves and our children and children’s children to fall into the pits of hell. There is no compromise. There cannot be any compromise. We cannot try to “fit in” to the world. We either are in it, or we are not. The worldly things we accept and are involved with, and allow our children to be involved with, will never be acceptable to God. God says we must begin to deny ourselves and our children of those things. We cannot live with one foot in the Kingdom of God and one foot in the world. A choice has to be made. SOON!

Sounds harsh doesn’t it. Well, let me ask you this question: Are we to be concerned about our children’s “happiness” in this world? Or in their eternal salvation in the next? Are we willing to buy-in to what all the other kids do and allow our children to become part of a world we know is controlled by the prince of darkness? Or are our children special enough to us that we deny them “freedoms” they should not have.

God is calling us — commanding us — as parents of the younger generations to walk righteously before Him. The only way to be righteous is to do and follow the Word t of God. Our children are spoiled, disrespectful, condescending, arrogant, selfish, deceitful, immoral, seductive, and have no regard for authority. THEY DO NOT FEAR GOD. And these are the “good kids” who come from Christian homes.

We have failed our children. Parents have failed, churches have failed, schools have failed, leaders have failed. And it’s time to do something about it.

We must call our children back to who God created them to be. We must teach them to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all other things will be added.” WE HAVE TO LIVE BY THIS SCRIPTURE. ”STUFF” doesn’t matter. Material things don’t matter. (See note #1 below.) We have made it “wrong” to deny our children access to media. We give them cell phones, with access to internet, and all kinds of music, anything they want any time, and then we trust them to use it only for good. We allow them to watch television shows which would make our grandparents roll over in their graves. We allow them to be seduced by beauty and bling, and excitement, and then expect them to just switch it off and not allow these thing to get hold of their spirits. Kids are curious, and inquisitive and want to temp the boundaries. All boundaries. And we are supplying them the means to do so. Even the best of kids will dabble in ungodly things. WE are responsible for that, because WE have provided them with the tools to do it.

We have to want better for, and expect better from our children — and ourselves. We are the ones who will stand before God and have to explain why we gave our children the tools to access pornography, decadence, satanic music, movies and television shows which teach them how to make it in this world all the wrong ways.

We have lost sight of the goodness of simplicity. The less we clutter our lives with, the more likely we are to focus on the good things, the godly things, the righteous things.

That’s it in a nutshell. God is calling us back to what should be our first love — holiness, purity, reverential fear. We are responsible to instill that in our children. Otherwise they will truly be the lost generation. And WE will have to answer for it.”

Note #1: This is true in the sense that if they are not used for God and His purposes they will lead to sin and death so they are useless without God. Truly they do not matter as far as eternity is concerned. Yet, stuff and material things do have their proper place in order to carry out God’s will on this planet. See 2 Cor. Chapters 8 and 9. .


Where have you been?

March 18th, 2014

Dan A. Rodriguez 

I am alive and doing better than ever! My sweetie wife is doing great, and the triplets are growing up quickly and beautifully! They turn two years old this month!

If you are wondering how come we have not posted anything for a few months, then here is the reason. The Lord has had me on a Holy Spirit anointed writing assignment! It started as a couple of articles shared with ministry friends and has grown to a full blown book! It was so heavy and strong on me for months that all of my attention and extra time was dedicated to this project. I was awake many nights and early mornings to get done the bidding of the Lord. It has been truly wonderful the way this is coming together.

What is the new book? What is the name of it? I cannot discuss this now, but soon enough you will read and hear about it. I have experienced the anointing to write many times, but this has exceeded anything I have been involved in until now, and it is different than anything I have written before.

Watch for the news of its release and be ready to be blessed, enlightened, and empowered in the Lord Jesus! I really want to spill the beans on it, but I have to wait for now. Love you all in Christ Jesus!

I got this closing of a letter from a dear fellow minister, and I thought it was powerful and insightful. Here it is:

IN HIS GRIP, (Yes!!!)

Dan A. Rodriguez